Pakistani Chapli Kebab Recipe

What’s superior to relaxing out on your yard, flipping burgers and sausages on the flame broil ? I’ll reveal to you what is. Making Seekh Kebabs at home. In your stove. With meat that is marinated in Pakistani flavors and flame broiled to flawlessness. With the period of fasting reaching a conclusion to greet Eid in only a couple of days, I chose to grasp the soul of summer and give you how grill is done the correct way… sorry I intended to state how it’s done back home in Pakistan


Seekh kebab, which truly implies kebab on a stick, are generally made on an outside barbecue over coals that include as a lot of shading as it flavors to the kebabs. I live in a condo and don’t have a flame broil. So I was a little reluctant making these in the stove. Yet, let me disclose to you that when these kebabs came sizzling out of the broiler with much praise from the alarm which just would not quit singing (look at my video for demo), my sister and I just couldn’t have enough. The yogurt raita is straightforward and an absolute necessity to go with these kebabs. I will complete 100 squats in the event that you reveal to me you made these and fizzled. It’s that simple to make.


Chapli Kabab is minced meat made in a patty shape. It is set up from ground sheep and hamburger marinated with different flavors. This dish starts from Peshawar and is hence likewise alluded as Peshawari kebab. The Chapli kebab formula is a mainstream grill nourishment that is accessible in all the main cafés and nourishment lanes of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and all over Pakistan. Chapli Kebab formula can be presented with Afghani Naan, bubbled rice, Pulao, or green bean stew chutney. You can get ready Chapli Bun Kebab and serve it as refreshment nibble or as a full dinner. It has high dietary benefit and can be given to youngsters also.

I attempt to make current South Asian cooking less fastidious (avoiding the Mughal-level lavishness) and increasingly an endeavor to keep our grasp on the profundity of flavors that make it uncommon.

Pakistani-style seekh kabobs are livened up with onions, garlic, ginger, green stew peppers and embellished with new cilantro, mint, and flavors.

In spite of the fact that these are prepared, I like to dish burn them in the wake of heating. You could likewise utilize a skillet flame broil. This gives them that compelling additional oomph and shading. Obviously, you could simply sear them in the broiler (I’ve incorporated the directions), however my cooking is generally somewhat uneven so I stick to carmelizing them on the stovetop.



2 lb normal ground hamburger not lean

2 medium onions stripped and cut into wedges

2 green stew peppers, for example, Serrano cut down the middle

1/4-cup cilantro leaves

1 tbsp mint leaves

1/2 tbsp squashed garlic

1/2 tbsp squashed ginger

2 tbsp spread softened

2 tsp newly crushed lemon juice

1 tsp every one of dark pepper, cumin powder, coriander powder, and red stew pieces

1/2 tsp garam masala

¼ tsp red bean stew pepper or cayenne or more to taste

2 1/8 tsp salt

1 enormous egg whisked


Flush quickly (whenever wanted) and strain any abundance dampness from the beginning. Spot into an enormous bowl.

Cut the onions into wedges and add to a nourishment processor. Finely slash them utilizing the beat capacity. Expel the onions, press out the overabundance dampness between your hands, and add to the ground hamburger.

Finely slash the cilantro, mint, and green bean stew peppers in the nourishment processor and add to the hamburger blend. Include the remainder of the fixings and blend well to consolidate.


At the point when prepared to shape the kebabs, preheat the broiler to 450 degrees F. Line a heating sheet with aluminum foil. Take an enormous bit of the meat and structure into a healthy roundish shape. Run the kebab sticks through the meat and utilize your hands to envelope around the meat structure a wiener like shape around the stick. On the off chance that you need to make the conventional seekh shape and don’t have sticks, use chopsticks to help shape them and slide the kabobs onto the heating sheet.

To test a piece for taste, heat a little dish over medium-high warmth. Include a modest quantity of oil and place a bit of the hamburger blend on the skillet to cook, turning over as required. Taste and modify salt and flavoring whenever wanted. Spot the formed kebabs on the heating sheet and prepare for 14-15 minutes, tenderly turning them over mid-way.

Expel them from the stove. (See notes for cooking guidelines.) If you need to solidify a large portion of the clump to serve later, do as such subsequent to enabling them to cool.

In a shallow skillet, heat a 2 tablespoons of oil over medium-high warmth. Utilizing tongs, skillet burn the kebabs to get a profound brilliant completion on all sides. Include more oil as required, and proceed until the sum total of what kabobs have been singed. Serve hot.

Formula Notes

Makes twelve medium kebabs.

*To cook: After the kabobs have prepared, change the stove to sear in high (or at 550 degrees). Cook for 2 minutes on each side, or until pleasantly roasted.

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