How To Cook Chicken Roast

This is a flavorful Indian style dish that is likewise prominent in Pakistan. This is a perfect dish particularly if are anticipating that some exceptional visitor should visit. This dish Lamb Raan Roast sets aside long effort to get ready. The entire Raan of Lamb is marinated in yogurt and diverse blend of flavors and street in Oven around 6 hours. This dish is otherwise called Raan Massalam. Attempt this perfect formula of Lamb Raan Roast and get high thankfulness from loved ones.

1. Make profound cuts on boht sides of the leg of sheep so every one of the flavors are entered somewhere down in the meat generally just salt will be retained and meat won’t get kind of rest of the flavors.


2. generally it takes hours in making leg broil however this strategy takes just 20-25 min and an exceptionally tempting succulent and delicious leg cook is readied.

3. Include the entirety of the entire and ground flavors, entire tomatoes, yogurt and little water and give pressure for whatever length of time that routinely your cooker takes for cooking meat, likewise add water as per your cooker’s necessity; Bajia included ½ cup of water.

4. Subsequent to opening it mix and cook till the water is dried, with in scarcely any mins the sauce will adhere to the meat and oil will be isolated, around then it is all set in the stove.

6. Set it in a preparing plate, pour on it the thick sauce/oil staying in the weight cooker, sprinkle some sesame seeds and afterward heat it on high heat only for a brief span around 10-15 minutes. this will give it a coated look, carmelizing it isn’t the aim.

7. Present with yogurt chatni and naan

Size of raan is significant , it should fit in the cooking pot


The time and water a weight cooker needs to cook meat relies upon the kind of meat and weight cooker, a few cookers take more water and time and some take less.

Crushed or singed potatoes can likewise be presented with this dish.

In the event that you don’t have a weight cooker, at that point its significant you purchase little size leg of a moderately more youthful sheep, spread the pot 90% on medium warmth and cook with 2-3 cups of water.

On the off chance that you don’t have a choice of heating it in the stove, take an enormous pot and put a littler cover in it and put this leg of sheep on it and cook for 10-15 min, on the off chance that this is additionally unrealistic, at that point simply dry meal the sesame seeds and sprinkle them over the cooked meat in the serving dish.

The motivation behind preparing isn’t to give a darker shading to it yet it gives it a coated look.

Moment Pot Tandoori Roast Chicken

Planning Time

5 mins

Cook Time

20 mins

All out Time

25 mins

A fiery great baked cook made simple (and in less than 30 minutes) with an Instant Pot!

Course: Main Course

Cooking: Pakistani


1 Skinless Chicken (Whole), 5.5-7lbs

1 lb child potatoes, or customary potatoes in huge pieces



1/2 parcel Shan Masala brand Tandoori Roast Chicken Masala

1/2 parcel Shan Masala brand Lahori Chargha Masala

1 Lemon, squeezed

1/2 tsp garlic glue

1/2 tsp ginger glue

Half cup yogurt

2 tbsp oil


1/4 cup finely minced cilantro

lemon wedges


Wash the chicken, bracket the winged creature or essentially integrate the legs with kitchen twine.

Utilize a sharp blade to make cuts in the chicken, in any event 4 each per chicken bosom in addition to a couple in the leg and spot in an enormous bowl

Blend all the marinade fixings in a little bowl

Pour over the chicken and rub well, leave for in any event an hour or medium-term

At the point when practically prepared to cook remove the chicken from the cooler

Warmth the oil in the moment pot on saute mode on high

At the point when it gleams remove the marinated chicken from the bowl giving overabundance marinade a chance to dribble back in to the bowl and cautiously place the chicken, bosom side down, in the moment pot

Following 2-2.5 minutes include the rest of the marinade over into the pot and put the moment pot on manual (for example pressure) on high for 8 minutes.


At the point when the clock signals open the vent to discharge weight and tip the potatoes in, blend a little to cover them in marinade

Put the moment pot back on pressure for another 8-10 minutes (contingent upon the size of chicken you are utilizing) and afterward discharge the weight. In the event that you pick a characteristic discharge you will get a very delicate chicken, however mind you it might be hard to escape the pot!

The chicken is prepared to eat however on the off chance that you need a more caramelized look you can place it in a broiler safe cooking dish and sear it or even turn the saute capacity on high until the potatoes and chicken interpretation of a darker tone, around 5 minutes!

Formula Notes

I like utilizing the blend of masalas, however am certain that you can utilize either alone to great impact!

On the off chance that you might want to heat this chicken put the marinated chicken and the potatoes in a lubed stove safe dish and prepare secured for 40 minutes, reveal and cook for another 15-20 minutes or until the a meat thermometer embedded in the chicken thigh hits 165 degrees. A fast cook toward the end would be divine!

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